Jump between often used directories

When I’m showing code or asking for advice to a colleague, I’m always surprised by their reactions when they see my jump function.

I am not a huge fan of aliases, but the few ones I use are really priceless. And amongst them, my favourites is still jump.

Jump is a little collection of functions in my bashrc file allowing me to mark projects folder and jump to them from anywhere. For example :

$ cd ~/projects/client-dir/project-dir
$ mark
/* … */
$ cd ~/projects/another-client-dir/project2-dir
/* … */
$ jump project-dir
$ pwd

Jump is not alone here, functions include :

  • mark (create a new symlink)
  • marks (list symlinks)
  • unmark (remove mark)
  • jump (jump to mark)

All people I told about these little functions asked me to send them by mail, so, today I decided to create a new github repository to store it.

I can’t recall where I originally found those functions, I’ve been using them for a pretty long time now and I hope it’ll be useful to other people now :)