Software development in 2014

At work, we have a lot of project. Different part of many solutions developed for many customers. As an example, Comarquage, a solution I have to maintain contains following sub-projects :

  • Biryani
  • Cosmetic
  • Etalage
  • Petitpois
  • Territoria
  • Some internal libraries
  • … etc…

You can find sources of those project and other here.


Those projects share lots of internal element, dependencies through each others and third party python libraries.

Moreover, we have some dependencies I’ll call “vicious dependencies”, like our CDN. You can easily change CDN in configuration files, but other CDN won’t have the same structure as ours… that’s how our CDN became a dependency in those project.

Nobody here at work seems to worry about those. Lead developers left the company and I find myself alone against all that code.

The problem lies in I’m the only one who can actually work on these project. No one can know where are dependencies, where are all git repositories, where are prod and preprod servers for all services. I am the only one who can install and run the Comarquage solution.


So I began a campaign through my company to put in place a few set of default behaviour all developers should have ! And I’ll adapt those software I have to maintain as examples.


First of all, lot of old project doesn’t have a README file, this is the most important file on a project, you have to write it and keep it up to date.

It must contains at least :

  • Description : What is this project, Why developing it ?
  • Quickstart / Installation : What should I do to begin development
  • Author
  • How to contribute

Those are a minimal requirement so any developer can find his mark fast and begin the work.

Dependencies list

The quickstart section in the README impose this point. A project has to be simple to install.

  • Sys/Admin will be happy… almost
  • Other developer can install dependencies faster and work faster

Minimal test suite

OK, you are an old and grumpy dev and you don’t want to write tests. I can understand… in fact, I don’t, whatever.

But please ! Write a minimal setup script, something we can run to tell if the project run or not.


Those elements are not enough in my opinion. A real project should have :

  • His documentation up to date
  • Unit test to avoid regression
  • User documentation… just telling what the project is designed for in a few line

I’m not asking to stop working and write poetry, just asking to do the job well enough to allow contribution.