Compiling «Boot 2 Gecko» on Debian

I wrote about my Peak phone a while ago. It’s time to write again on FirefoxOS !

Using the geeksphone peak is a pain. Got lots of bug, my battery last for a few hours when I use it and it became very slow.
But I discovered the flame device and my doubt about FirefoxOS disapeared !
The device itself is beautiful, heavy as it should (in my opinions) and it works.
The only issues I got is about compiling my own image of FirefoxOS (cause I like to have my own). So I’ll explain how I did it here.

Why is there an issue ? In fact, I don’t really know, I didn’t dug into to find out, build scripts are asking for a particular version of gcc, a particular version of GNU make… etc…
I had the idea of using a Docker container to install those dependancies, but it’s already there

Just keep in mind before reading the README in this repository that you’ll need at least 20GB of free space on your disk in order to download all git repositories.
You can also find usefull information and scripts in this repositories:

Happy Hacking :D