Gentux.IO opening

I launch today officially the Gentux.IO project.

This will handle several aspect of my life and aim to centralize interactions with my friends.

Since I got a good connection at home (around 100Mbps), my thought about personal web services changed. I can consider now that anyone can store a little computer in a corner of the living room and forget about it. That’s, in my opinion, the purpose of Raspberry Pi computers.

So I bought one and installed the following services on it :

  • Web Server
  • WebDav Server
  • CalDav and CardDav Server
  • NFS shares

All services runs correctly using less than 300Mo of RAM (Raspberry Pi has 512Mo available). Services runs perfectly for me.

The next step is to open web services access to my family and friends. After that, I will write about performance and how Raspberry Pi handle those users.